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“Neelkanth IVF Centre – Realizing the dream of Motherhood”

Welcome to Neelkanth Fertility Hospital-INDIA’S LEADING FERTILITY HOSPITAL

At Neelkanth Fertility Hospital India, we are guided by a single aim: to help fulfill the aspirations of couples who wish to grow their families.

We understand that being unable to conceive can be a heart -rending and traumatic time for any couple. Thankfully, modern science has provided a range of IVF Techniques are available to help people fulfill their dreams of parenthood. We understand emotional intensity involved in trying for a child and we will try our best to support you with ethical guidance and counseling at every step.

We know that no two couples are alike. Our experienced practitioners ensure that every programming is personalised to an individual’s needs, our success rates underline that we only recommend treatments that works.

By providing proven infertility treatment in a patient -focused environment, Neelkanth Fertility Hospital, India is helping to fulfill the dream of parenthood.

India’s Cheapest IVF Treatment

Using Latest Technology

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Closed Working Modular Lab

Quality Control in IVF Lab

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Embryo Monitoring System

A Revolutionary Technique

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12 Test Tube Baby

Neelkanth IVF

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100s of Happy Families

At Neelkanth IVF

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IVF Suraksha

Money Back Scheme

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Meet our team


Dr. Simi Sood - Gyne & fertility expert
Dr. Simi Sood has bought IVF to the doorstep of South Rajasthan. The bigger motivation was to make assisted reproductive treatment easily accessible to the rural population at an affordable cost.

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Dr. Ashish  Sood – Anaesthesia
Dr. Ashish Sood, Scientific Director of Neelkanth Fertility Hospital is the back bone of our ART Center.

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Shanu Sinha - Embryologist

She is M.Sc. in Biotech technology from KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Dr. Chandan N. - Embryologist

Dr. Chandan has been working in the IVF area as an embryologist for almost 6 years. His interest in the field of Reproductive Science / zoology /genetics / Microbiology led him to complete his Master Degree at PES College of Science Accredited by Bangalore University India and Doctorate at Prescott University United Kingdom accredited by UCCA – United Collegiate College Association and he subsequently gained his Embryology Training from EART- Embryology Academy of research and training and from CREST – National University of Singapore .He continued his work in Embryology in the field of IVF. Since from 2009.till date he has done approximately , 30 thousand ICSI , 40 thousand IVF , handled more than 5000 individual cases with pregnancy rate of 55 percent plus. His practice includes the management of all general and complex embryology lab work leading the team with latest embryology protocols available . His enjoyment of embryology at Neelkanth Fertility has flourished and given greater pregnancy result and more intimate feel to the company and its staff . His current role as Senior chief Embryologist and Lab director of Neelkanth IVF. laboratory. His work involves the day-to-day running of the facility as well as overseeing of quality control systems, pregnancy monitoring, training and keeping ahead of the latest technology available to patients.

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We employ the best people dedicated to giving you the best chance of making your family.

Team of Professionals
Neelkanth IVF has employed some of the best Doctors in the Town to serve you better.

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Neelkanth IVF Centre has state of the art Technologies and Procedure.

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Team of professionals, Integrated labs and technologies for serve you better.

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At Neelkanth IVF, everything we do is in the spirit of our values.